Terms & Conditions


All prices are shown in Euro and include value added tax (VAT). The prices are guaranteed for the day of the order and are subject to daily change without a notification in advance.

The prices shown on the web site are non-binding retail prices quoted on the supplier’s or manufacturer’s pricelist.

Placing and order

1. Orders can be made 24 hours a day every day of the year. Prior to confirming your order, you can view and edit it’s content in the shopping cart. You can add, delete or change the number of individual items in your shopping cart. When you are certain you wish to purchase the merchandise in your shopping cart, click the »PlaceOrder« (»Izvedi naročilo«) button. If this is your first time purchasing items through our website, click the »CreateAccount« (»Ustvari račun«) button. If you are a registered user, simply type in your email address and password. Once you have registered an account, you will be able to review your orders. Check the delivery address and your telephone number so you can be contacted upon delivery. In the »Delivery« menu you can view possible delivery charges. You can confirm your order by clicking the »Confirm Order« (»Potrditev naročila«) button. You will receive your order confirmation to the provided email box immediately.

2. Confirmed order – binding contract
The provider will review your order in no more than 48 hours, check availability of the products and either confirm the order or give a reason for rejection. The provider has a right to contact the customer on his phone number. Upon confirmation of the order, the provider will notify the customer about the estimated delivery date via email.

3. Shipment dispatched
The provider packs and dispatches the shipment in the time set forth, along with the original receipt, warranty form and a manual (if one included).

Payment and express delivery

For international purchases, the following payment options are available when placing an order:

  • Paypall
  • Credit Card (Eurocard/Mastercard or Visa)
  • Articles paid for by credit card will be dispatched on the following workday.

We ensure immediate delivery (in two workdays) of products in stock. All items marked with a "shopping cart" are in stock at the time of your purchase, except for the merchandise marked with »Available in 12 workdays«, which we obtain through a supplier. Some exceptions can occur when larger quantities of last available items are being ordered. In such cases the orders placed first will be dispatched first, but we will do our best to supply the remaining orders as well.

Deliveries of our merchandise are made through our UPS partner carrier. All orders are dispatched on the day of the order placement or the following workday (if the items are in stock). No dispatches are made on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. If you have some special requests, please enter them in the »Notes« (»Opombe«) section at the bottom of your order sheet. Packages will be delivered to the address provided at your registration or order. If you are unavailable at the time of the delivery, the carrier will arrange a new time for the delivery with you free of charge. If your ordered merchandise is out of stock we will contact you immediately and give you information on possible delivery dates or other items you might be interested in.

Orders of 200 Euro or more qualify for free delivery.

Returns and refunds

The customer has a right to return any merchandise in 30 days from receiving it for any reason. It also suffices to send us a written statement of resigning from the order in 15 days without specifying the reason for this decision. In this case the merchandise has to be returned in the next 30 days unused, in perfect condition and in the original packaging. Refunds for the purchased items will be made to the customer’s banking account in no more than 15 days. Any return-shipping expences are carried by the customer.

Returning damaged packages

If you receive a package that is damaged, has some content missing or shows signs of having been previously opened, the customer should file a complaint with the UPS carrier. We will cooperate with them to resolve the issue in the shortest possible time frame.

Any return-shipping costs are covered by the customer. If you wish to exchange the purchased merchandise for other items from our shop, the new order will be delivered at our expenses.

If the merchandise does not meet the seller’s specifications, if you were sent the wrong items or if the quantities, the colour or any other aspect of the package do not match your order, the customer has the right to reclaim the merchandise.


The manufacturer is obliged by law to provide warranty for perfect functioning of the purchased merchandise. Warranty claims can be carried our directly with the manufacturer or the authorised service provider thereof. The customer can make warranty claims with the warranty form and the receipt issued by the seller.

The manufacturer has to make warranty repairs in 45 days after receiving the product(s) or replace the merchandise with new fully-functioning item(s) of the same value. Warranty claims can also be made through the seller, whereby the same provisions from the above paragraph apply.

Returns of the merchandise are carried out in compliance with the conditions, laid out by the manufacturer on the warranty form.

If you wish us to bear the costs of your return shipment, this has to be arranged and agreed upon in advance.

Data and privacy protection

All the data provided in the process of placing an order is protected from unauthorised viewings by the SSL onlineprotection protocol. You can check the validity of the SSL certificate for the server by clicking on the icon.

Complaints and disputes

The provider observes the applicable legislation on customer protection. The provider is bound to confirm having received a complaint in five workdays and keep the customer informed on the course of the proceedings. The provider will make maximum efforts to resolve all disputes by common agreement.